Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Development of the Temple

We have been paying attention for the overall development of the temple. In the recent past, Library is updated with more than 3000 books of different kinds; two temples 1) Lord Shiva temple,2) Goddess temple - inside work of refixing polished tiles to the walls has been completed; gardening round the temple with iron fencing is also completed. We propose to complete inside tiles work for the rest of the eight temples; construction of first floor; remodeling of the residential quarters behind the temple - are the work that demands lot of money. Right now, having spent more than a couple of lakhs for the plumber work; water pipe line work and other works aforementioned, we are running tight. As you all know that there is NO REVENUE - not even to the tune of Rs.100 to the temple. Hence the financial burden to run the temple - like payment of salaries, establishment costs, electricity bills, monthly clothing for all the deities, etc are demanding lot of expenses which are basically a must for the temple. It is our desire to distribute pamphlets to all the school children in all the local and surrounding schools with some fundamental material that is needed for the children, with the commencement of the academic year by May 2014. Road rules; loving the country, fellow human beings; respecting elders, women and less fortunate in the society; are some of the educative matters which we have taken up for this academic year. Let us hope that the temple works as a socio-economic reformation center for the society in the days to come. Already we have displayed names of the blood donors and their blood group in the temple so that any needy can directly call the donor and request for the blood donation. Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji and Sow Padmavathy Somidevi

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