Friday, February 25, 2011

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 activities

We could not post any photos due to volume during the past six years and all activities are as usua,l being carried out even if the message is not posted in the blog or otherwise.

what are the utsavs in the temple

We are most religiously performing Utsav in the temple on many occasions a few of which are as under:-

Every Sankranti we perform Rangoli and decorate the premises with colors and also follow the traditional system of Cow Dung for maintaining sanctity and also hygienic situation.

The dried Cow dung of Sankranti is used as fire wood during Magh Maas for preparation of Sweet rice with milk which is called as :Paayasaana: and it is considered as utmost sacred in Magh Maas

Every Shivarathi - the dark fourteenth day of Maagh Maas, we decorate the temple and white washing, coloring etc takes place before Shivarathri and later on the day of Shivarathri we perform right from Morning Shri Rudrabhishek; distribution of prasad to whose ever visit the temple; arrange for Jyotirlingaarchana - lighting the lamps using sesame seed oil and shaping the same as Shiva Linga at the sun set time, and later carry on with Procession taking the Lord Mangalanatheeswara Swamy and Goddess which are made up of Pancha Loha - five metals and this is considered for resolving many problems concerning marriages of children; those whose marriages are in problem or for those who face challenges in marriage life and those who could not find a suitable match or for quick and easy settlement of matches for children, or for overcoming the Mangalik Dosha which is also called as Kuja Dosham, or those whose family relations are under strain; it is suggested they participate to over come such of those difficulties or problems which could not be solved in human efforts.

Girija Kalayanam is another important event that takes place on Shivarathri day. And at Lingodhhav time once again Lord Shiva is worshiped with Shri Rudrabhishek etc.

Ugadi is also observed which means Hindu Calendar New Years Day. The temple is decorated and the traditional Ugadi Chatni is distributed to all those who ever visit the temple.

Chaitra Sukla Navami = the bright ninth day of Chaitra Maas, Shri Rama Kalaynam takes place in the afternoon hours and later Jaggery water and prasad is distributed.

Shri Hanumath Jayanthi is performed in Vaisakha Maas and Lord Hanuman is worshiped using the leaves. Normally Sweet maala is made and use it as a garland to Shri Hanuman

The entire Sravan Maas - daily Lalitha Paarayana or Shri Vishnu Paarayana takes place

In the Pithru Paksh, people are assisted for performing oblations

Starting of day one bright day of Shri Aswayuja Maas - Kalas is established and all the ten days till Dasara, every day Havan takes place besides the traditional Shri Lalitha Paarayana etc.

The whole month of Kartik is a grand time for the temple. Every day Akaash Deep - lighting at the top of the temple height - takes place and every day abhishek to Lord Shiva and other Lords present takes place.

Geetha Jayanthi, Dhanvantari Jayanthi, Datta Jayanti are observed during Margasira Maas

Besides all this, every month there will be surely one Havan for Lord Ganesh on every dark fourth day of the month called as Sankata Hara Chathurdhi - for Lord Ganesh using 1000 plus modak laddus

Besides the aforementioned, there are 27 Lords in the temple, and on some occasion or the other, either the birth days are celebrated or related traditional systems are observed which keeps the temple activities year long as on-going.

We need 27 clothes for every fortnight to change the dresses to the Lords. As a result we need two sets of 27 dresses in a month. Sometime, due to financial situations (as there is no income for the temple), the clothes which were used earlier are washed and recycled.