Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dates of Maasa Shiv Rathri Abhishekamms in the temple during 2014

The following are the dates of Maasa Shiv Rathri Abhishekams in the temple during 2014 29th January 2014, 27th February 2014; 29th March 2014; 27th April 2014; 27th May 2014; 25th June 2014; 25th July 2014; 23rd August 2014; 22nd September 2014; 22nd October 2014; 20th November 2014; and 20th December 2014. As on today, the new Panchang is yet to be received, however, we have tentatively worked out these dates which might change with a slight difference. However such changes are planned to be posted in this blog from time to time.

Dates of Sree Sankata Hara Chaturdhi Havan Programs during 2014

Sree Sankata Hara Chaturdhi programs are on-going at the temple. Havan will takes place and on most occasions using 1000 modak laddus. The Havan Kund is a permanent structure which is suited for this kind of Havan The dates of the Havan are 20th Jan 2014; 19th February 2014; 20th March 2014; 3rd April 2014; 18th may 2014; 16th June 2014; 16th July 2014; 14th August 2014; 12th September 2014; 12th October 2014; 10th November 2014; 11th December 2014. The dates may differ as per the custom followed in different areas. According to custom of the temple, no Havan will be performed which ends on the same day - on Tues day and Friday - in other words - there will not be any POORNAHUTI in these days, hence Havan program is accordingly adjusted to the custom of the temple.

Important Events during 2014

The following are the important events during 2014 which the Temple would follow 1) Vaikunta Ekadasi ----- 11th January 2014 2) Radha Saptami ---6th February 2014 2A) Sree Mahaa Shiv Rathri - 27th February 2014 3) Sree Ram Navami - 8th April 2014 - Kalyanam 4) Sree Sankara Jayanthi - 4th May 2014 5) Sreee Hanumad Jayanthi - 23rd May 2014 6) Nag panchami - Garuda Panchami - 31st July 2014 7) Sree Krishna Janmashtami - 17th August 2014 8) Sree Vinayaka Chaturdhi - 29th August 2014 9) Nav Rathri -25th September 2014 10) Vijaya Dasami - 3rd October 2014 11) Sree Saraswati Pooja - 1st October 2014 12) Sree Dhanalakshmi Pooja - 21st October 2014 13) Ksheerabdi Dwadasi - 4th November 2014 14) Sree Subrahmanya Shashti - 28th November 2014 Sree Rama Kalyanam is performed on Sree Ram Navami Day; while Sree Girija Kalyanam takes place on Mahaa Shiv Rathri day.

Activities Planned during 2014

Birth dates of the planets as per Shri Skanda Puran / Reva Khand 1) Pushya Krishna Astami 24th Jan 2014 -Birth day of Lord Saturn - abhishekam will be done using KALA TIL DHANYA 2) Magha Sukla Saptami 6th Feb 2014 - Birth day of Lord Sun - abhishekam will be done using WHEAT (YAVA DHANYA) 3) Chaitra Krishna Chaturdasi - 28th April 2014 -Birth day of Lord Ketu - abhishekam will be done using KULATHA DHANYA 4) Vaisakha Krishna Chaturdasi - 27th May 2014 -Birth day of Lord Jupiter - abhishekam will be done using CHANAK(CHENNA) 5) Ashada Krishna Chaturdasi - 25th July 2014 -Birth day of Lord Mars-abhishekam will be done using AADHAK(HARHAR DAL) 6) Sravan Sukla Dwadasi - 7th August 2014 -Birth day of Lord Lord Venus - abhishekam will be done using RAJAMASHA 7) Bhadrapada Krishna Chaturdasi - 23rd Sept 2014 - Birth day of Lord Rahu -abhishekam will be done using MASH(URAD DAL) 8) Kartik Sukla Dasami - 2nd November 2014 - Birth day of Lord Moon - abhishekam will be done using TANDULAM (RICE) 9) Margasira Sukla Saptami - 29th Nov 2014 - Birth day of Lord Mercury - abhishekam will be done using MUDGAL(MOONGDAL) These calendar dates are reckoned as per CHANDRA MAANA - there might be a little difference of month as per other systems using in different part in the country, BUT THE DATES REMAIN SAME. There is no change of the date as per any calendar. The abhishekam is as per the DHANYA OF THE LORD. There are nine different plants/trees denoting the relevance to the planets, similarly, there are nine seeds which are as above. We sincerely wish that each of you should prosper and those who have belief in Hindu Sciences may follow above.

what is taking place in the temple during 2014

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji #303, Vijetha Sanjeevani Apartments, 6-4-8, Musheerabad Main Road, Secunderabad A.P 500080, Phones Mobile 9440422613, landline 040-65581368 21st January 2014 My dear friends and like minded persons RE: SRI BRAHMA MAANASA SARVA SIDHI KSHETRAM It is my pleasure to write to you about the unique temple for which we were entrusted to serve as Managers, at the Lotus feet of Great Gods. The temple is situated in Adityanagar, Gurramguda Village very close to LB Nagar circle and within the city of Hyderabad. Most interestingly, the temple blesses the devotees in the assembly of Gods where Lord Chintamani Ganapathi; Lord Subrahmanya Swamy; Lord Arthanareeswara Swamy; Lord Shri Prasannanjaneya Swamy; Goddess Gayathri; Manovancha Phala Sidhi Vayu Lingam; Naaga Dosha Nivaraka Naaga Devata; Kalyana Kaaraka Shri Mangalnatheeswara Swamy; 9 Nava grahas; besides Lord Brahma along with Goddess Saraswathi; Lord Vishnu along with Sridevi and Bhoodevi; Lord Shiva along with Goddess Uma Devi; Shri Kasi Viswanath; and the presiding deity being Goddess Shri Raja Rajeswari Devi along with Goddess Annapurna and Goddess Chandi (Durga) are all present. It is unique because 1) Lord Brahma is present in the temple along with Goddess Saraswathi; 2) All the three – Brahma Vishnu Maheswara are present; 3) Shri Mangalnatheeswara Swamy is the main deity which keeps any one free from Kuja Dosham; besides a specially constructed Yagna Kund; a good number of books in different languages – by virtue of this, this becomes a socio-economic-spiritual centre. We desire to take up NITYA ANNADAANA KARYAKRAMAM; STARTING OF A PUBLIC LIBRARY; STARTING OF FREE MEDICAL CHECK UP AND AID CENTRE; AND MANY SUCH. 2014 being a take off year, we are also planning to celebrate the birth dates of all the nine planets. We have introduced a scheme where upon payment of just Rs.1116/- a family gets the following benefits -1) daily prayers in the names of the family members; 2) daily abhishekam; 3) 12 Sankata Hara Chaturdhi Homams in a year; 4) 12 Maasa Shivarathri abhishekams; 5) participation in Shiva Kalyanam on Mahaa Shivarathri day and Shri Rama Kalyanam on Shri Ram Navami Day. Besides this, prasadam will be mailed for 12 times in a year. All this is just for Rs.1116 /- per family. Those who desire to support the activities they can also contributed for specific sevas if they so desire. All the details gets updated in a specific blog PLEASE make use of the opportunity. Yours affectionately HARA HARA MAHADEVA DR P V SESHA SAI ASWAMEDHAYAAJI

Monday, January 13, 2014

Re-activating the temple activities to suit the need of all sections in the society - 2014

We desire to upkeep the activities of the temple during 2014 in a most suitable manner that suits the need of all sections in the society. The activities which we plan during this year are 1) Re-opening of the Library for the benefit of all people; 2) conducting of medical camps in the temple premises on a regular basis - to commence with - once in month by the specialist doctors in Allopathic and Homeopathic medicines just FREE OF COST to the local people; 3) educative programs to the locals in respect of maintaining neatness on the roads and in the locality, besides vehicle usage on the roads in tune with RTA rules; 4) clothes and utensils distribution program to the poor and the needy at frequent intervals etc. However, several spiritual activities are also taken up since the premises is a Hindu Religious place where several deities are blessing the people. A list of the activities that are taken up are separately mentioned in this blog. The management committee is re-constituted for 2014.