Sunday, October 7, 2007

Various Sevas during 2007 and 2008

(A knowledge bank of AANANDAASHRAMAM)

Some exclusive Sevas are available in this Socio Spiritual Centre for the benefit of the Society.

The Twenty seven stars and the planets birth days are indicated for the year along with specific dates so that any one of you can participate either directly or otherwise.
Planet Related Stars Birth day Permanent One time
Pooja cost cost
(Life Long)

Jupiter Punarvasu, Viskha
Poorvabhadra 15.05.07
Mars Mrigasira, Chitta
Dhanishta 11.08.07
Venus Pubba, Porvashada
Bharani 25.08.07
Rahu Ardra, Swathi

Satataara 10.10.07
Moon Rohini, Hasta
Sravana 20.11.07
Mercury Ashlesha, Jyestha
Revathi 16.12.07
Saturn Pushyami, Anuradha
Uttarabhadra 30.01.08
Sun Krittika, Uttara
Uttarashada 13.02.08

This apart the following sevas are also offered on specific important dates of the year. Sankata Hara Chaturdhi Doorva Pooja – once in a month----- @ 12 days in a year, Maasa Shivarathri Abhishekams – 12 in a year /

Sankara Jayanthi on 21.04.07; Hanumad Jayanthi on 12.05.07; Naaga Panchami /Garuda Panchami on 17.08.07 ; Shri Krishna Janma Ashtami on 4.09.07; Saraswathi Pooja on 17.10.07; Mahojna Ekadasi on 22.10.07; Dhanalakshmi Pooja on 9.11.07; Ksherabdi Dwaadasi on 21.11.07; Sri Subrahmanya Shasti on 15.12.07; Radha Saptami on 13.02.08. Vinayaka Chaturdhi with Havan; Vaikuntha Ekadasi festival ; Sri Devi Navarathrulu for nine days

Please make use of these options and build up this Kshetram with a view to build up a SOCIO – SPIRITUAL CENTRE. You may send DD/Chq favoring “SHRI BRAHMA MAANASA SARVA SIDHI KSHETRAM” payable at Hyderabad. Kindly note that this is only an informative letter and not a propaganda campaign. Let us march ahead helping the less fortunate in the society. This is a cost to cost exercise with a view to provide an affordable range. Prasadam will be sent to the address of the person needing the seva.


Adyatmika Ratna, Vedanta Visarada, Sri Yaaga Vidya Praveena
Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji
1-9-52/F/3, MCH No 2859, Road No 19, Ramnagar, HYDERABAD 500020 emails
Phones 91-40-27661613 (Tele-fax), 65581368 Cell 9440422613
27th April 2007
My dear friends and like minded persons

Reg: Shri Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram – Committee for the year

The Committee for organizing the matters relating to the Kshetram is formed with the following persons as office bearers. Smt Padmavathy, the Managing Trustee of the Aanandaashramam shall remain as over all in-charge for the conduct of the day to day affairs of the Kshetram.

Shri Mohan Reddy Former MLA and Former Chairman APSRTC – PRESIDENT
Shri V V K Mohan, Philosopher - Vice President
Shri Achutarao, Engineer and Architect - Vice President
Shri B Prabhakar, Auditor - Vice President
Smt Satyalakshmi, - Secretary
Shri Srinivasa Rao - Member
Shri P S R Sastry - Member
Shri Narayana, Vijayawada - Member
Shri Harish Goyal - Member
Smt Deepa Kapil - Member
Shri Tarun Juneja - Member
Shri Narayana Rao -Office Manager

The following members shall constitute the advisory committee
Smt Jayaprada Srinadha Rao
Smt Prabha Sri Ramachandra Murthy
Smt Manjula Bheem Shankar Rao
Chi Maruti Rama Raghava

This Committee will remain in action for the Sarwajit Naama Samvat and promote the activities of the Kshetram keeping in view of the community development actions planned for. This is for the information of all.

Activities Letters -1

(A knowledge bank of AANANDAASHRAMAM)
R R Dist. HYDERABAD 501510
Phones 91-40-27661613 Tele – Fax & Cell 94404 22613 E mail
28th March 2007


My dear friends and like minded persons
Myself and my team wish you all Happy Sri Rama Navami Festival. We enjoyed yesterday on the eve of the festival that we could do something to the Society – particularly to the less fortunate. The festival was the occasion which we have selected since we desired to pass on our intentions to a large group and gathering. We declared open our blood donation bank duly displaying the names of the team members, their blood group and their contact numbers so that an emergency call to them will save a life. Similarly doctors’ names of various fields like diabetologist, orthopaedician; dental, general physician, homeo etc. were also displayed on the notice board. Their panel is being maintained by AANANDAASHRAMAM and a patient can get his name registered in the Kshetram and proceed further for medical check up.

First aid box is provided for the use of the villagers and a few important medicines are also placed in the centre along with a register for maintaining a record so that the needs can be properly monitored and supported.

Marriage center names and the volunteers to help fixing up matches are also displayed to make their services available for timely marriage of boys and girls.

A Library is already opened and catering to the need of the villagers since November 2006. We are planning for a full fledged library where we can house at least 3000 books initially and start getting magazines and news papers.

We desire to put up a JALDAAN – Water camp where we can provide water to the needy and maintain the same at least during the summer season. This is likely to start from 31st of this month, so also DIVINE BIRDS CAMP in the Kshetram where food and water will be arranged for the heavenly birds.

Clothes were also placed yesterday at the premises for FREE DISTRIBUTION but it could not be done yesterday due to fear of the crowd. We started all this on our own with a NIL cash balance keeping trust on Lord to lead us to help the Community by all means and at any cost. PLEASE JOIN US AND SUPPORT THE ACTIVITIES.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Socio-Economic Centre

This temple is also treated as a socio-economic centre where certain needs of the villagers are planned to be met. Around one and a half year ago, every third Sunday of the month, unused items like utensils, clothing etc of some of the temple related people are collected and distributed to the local people. A few medicines are placed in the temple for emergency purposes. A library is opened and several books are donated by Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji along with lot of furniture to the temple for the benefit of the villagers. Blood donors names along with contact information is displayed in the temple venue in order to meet the exigencies of any one. A few doctors have come forward to help the less fortunate in the society and the specialist doctors names are displayed in the notice board for ready reference by the needy. Medical camps are now being planned. Cow feeding centre is also functioning and those who are intereted to feed cows, the related items/cash is being collected and sent to the Cow Shelter centres in various parts of the country by the temple. Bird feed and birds resting place is planned and feed is given to the birds every now and then. Water shelter is also available and particularly during Summer season, water is being arranged to the needy. Due to paucity of funds, cool water could not be arranged. During Summer of 2007 only pot water is served to the needy. Marriage alliances and related persons names are displayed for quick reference. So also important priests names, important caterers names and Sannai persons names and other information is displayed on the notice boards for quick reference.

Naagendra Swamy

On the South East Corner of the complex Shri Nagendra Swamy is installed and a separate small temple is constructed for this purpose. Naga Panchami is observed in this temple.


Navagrahaas are installed in the North east corner of the complex nearer to the water tap connection. Most important thing in this temple is that the BIRTH DAYS OF ALL NAVAGRAHAAS ARE OBSERVED. Each of the Grahaas are worshipped with only the grains that are related to the planet and abhishekam is done on the respective birth dates using the grains. Perhaps THIS IS THE ONLY ONE TEMPLE WHERE NAVAGRAHAAS BIRTH DAYS ARE OBSERVED.

Shri Kaasi Viswanatha Lingam

Shri Kasi Viswanatha Lingam is situated on the Southwest side of the temple complex and all occassions narrated in the post relating to Sri Uma Sametha Shri Maheswara Swamy are being observed in this temple.

Shri Uma Sameta Shri Maheswara Swamy

Sri Uma Maheswara Swamy is another important temple in the complex and this is by the side of Lord Vishnu Temple. Every month Maasa Sivarathri and yearly Mahaa Sivarathri is observed in this temple and every day abhishek is planned during the forthcoming Kartik Maasa. Nanda deepam - at the top of the temple is going to be placed to the Dhwajastambham and it is also being planned to perform Mahaa Lingaarchana with Jyothirlingaas this year (2007) as was done in the past years. Bilvarchana and all other important occassions relating to Saivaite systems - including observation of Shri Shankara Jayanthi are being done in the temple

Sri Devi, Bhoodevi Sametha Srimannaaraayana Swamy

By the side of Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswathi temple, Lord Vishnu temple is also present which includes Sri Devi, Bhoodevi Sametha Srimannaaraayana Swamy. All important occassions relating to Vaishnavaite festivals are observed in the temple.

Shri Ardha Nareeswara Swamy

Another unique feature in this ONLY LORD BRAHMA AND GODDESS SARASWATHI temple is that Lord Shri Ardha Nareeswara Swamy is also present here. This unique idol is also being worshippied along with all other deities present

Vayu Linga

The Kshetram has a Vayu Linga - which is exposed to the Nature, beyond the four concrete walls. The linga is being worshipped by all those who are visiting the temple since the linga is available in the premises compound. Since there are no doors for this deity. the deity is exposed to nature giving us a scope to believe that the architectural beauty is the best of its kind open for all - irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Goddess Gayathri

Veda Maata Goddess Gayathri is present in the temple complex. Vedaadhyayana Kendram - in other words - Vedic School is contemplated here. Due to paucity of funds, Vedic Master could not be recruited. If a Vedic Master is available, it is planned to provide accommodation in the initial stages, to at least ten students. The Principle of the Kshetram is not to accept any money from their students for their studies, therefore, funds are needed to be procured for the needs of the ten Vedic Students to run the school. The Kshetram is trying its best to procure funds to fullfil its obgligation in this aspect and support if received voluntarily from public, it would help the Kshretram to run the school as a "Model" school.

Sri Prasannanjaneya Swamy

Shri Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram has Lord Prasannanjaneya Swamy in its complex. Hanumat Jayanthi - the birth day of Lord Hanuman is being performed in the Kshetram.

Lord Brahma

To the best of the information available, Lord Brahma is worshipped only in Pushkar near Ajmeer in Rajastan. This appears to be the only temple of Lord Brahma in India. Lord Brahma is alone worshipped in the main temple and Goddess Saraswathi is not by his side in Pushkar. Goddess Saraswathi is worshipped in Srinagar (one of the Sakti Peethas) and there are two more important temples for Goddess Saraswathi - one in Basara of Adilabad District of AP, and the second being Vargal near Hyderabad. In the two temples Lord Brahma is not worshipped along with Goddess Saraswathi.

Therefore SHRI BRAHMA MAANASA SARVA SIDHI KSHETRAM is the only place where Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswathi are together in one temple. Besides this, Lord Brahma being one of the Trimurthis - namely - Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, even in Pushkar Lord Brahma is not found along with Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva. But in Shri Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram, all the three deities are given equal importance and all are present in one complex. This is considered as very rare and unusual.

Thus, Shri Brahma Maanasa Sarva Sidhi Kshetram retains its unique position on the Holy Earth being the temple for all the three important form of deities.

Lord Brahma

Chintamani Ganapathi

Lord Chintamani Ganapathi grants his darshan to the devotees who enters the temple complex and make a darshan of Lord Shiva in Kasi Viswanadha Swaroopa. Chintamani Ganapathi is in front of the Shiva Temple and it has been planned from this year to celebrate Sankashta Chaturdhi which falls on the fourth dark day of every month. Chintamani Ganapathi is believed to fullfil the desires of the devotees. In the recent times, the Idol was re-installed using the Ganapathi Yantra as per Aagama Sastra.