Monday, February 3, 2014

This week Maagh Maas Programs

Dr P V Sesha Sai Aswamedhayaaji #303, Vijetha Sanjeevani Apartments, 6-4-8, Musheerabad Main Road, Opp Gandhi Hospital, SECUNDERABAD 500080 E mail Web Land Line 040 65581368 Mobile 9440422613 2nd February 2014 My dear Friends and like minded persons Regarding : 1) SRI PANCHAMI ON 4th February 2014; 2) Shri Radha Saptami on 6th February ; and 3) Shri Bhishma Astami on 7th February 2014. It is my pleasure to share my thoughts with you on the aforementioned three most important events that are taking place within this week. The first being Sri Panchami relating to the Upasana of Goddess Saraswati - any one particularly children who desire to score marks and excel in education, they may wear Saraswati Tilakam (if available – to be specially prepared) or they may put Kumkum on the Lotus feet of Goddess Saraswati and wear the same between eye brows. It is one of the best times to start New Mantra for Upasana from this day. For more information on this, please refer to youtube and visit Sri Saraswati Vaibhavam to listen to my pravachan on the subject telecasted by Bhakti TV. Sri Radha Saptami –the seventh bright day of Magha Maas is the birth day of Lord Sun. It would be better to perform havan using “arca” leaves or stems and if possible please perform Abhishekam using wheat granules. Head bath is essential on this day. Please prepare “Paayasam” using rice and boiling it in Milk and adding sugar etc and offer the same to Lord Sun. Lord Sun is the planet which can grant up-liftment in career, health and wealth. One can also worship Lord Sun with “arca” leaves and flowers. The most important one is Shri Bhishma Astami which falls on 7th February. It is desirable to offer prayers to Shri Bhishma Pitamah and make Jal Tarpan. It is the simplest of all procedures and only three tarpanams are to be offered. This can be continued till Shri Bhishma Ekadasi. For those who are desirous of having children; for those with “pitru dosh” –this day is a boon to overcome all the obstacles related to the aforementioned. For more information any one can visit my blog and follow the procedures mentioned in that. There are many topics covered in the same blog and I shall feel happy if one gains something out of my effort. I shall also feel happy to know any short comings in the write up so that I can get myself corrected. Life is a process of learning, and I wish to be a good student always. Yours affectionately HARA HARA MAHADEVA Dr P V SESHA SAI ASWAMEDHAYAAJI “REPORT ON VISIT TO HARYANA AS EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT OF WORLD BRAHMAN ORGANIZATION FOLLOWS. PLEASE WATCH FOR THE NEXT LETTER”