Monday, April 14, 2014

2013 year was a land mark in our lives, we performed Dasara Navarathri utsav with more vigor and spirit. Poor feeding was done to our satisfaction. Face lifting of the temple started during this period when the internal roof plastering was completed. All these years it was so ugly, but we could not pay attention due to other priorities. This year it is completed by Dasara festival and we performed a number of Yaagas in the temple this year. Amidst many odds in the family front, we paid all attention and attributed priority to the temple work. We aimed for alround development of the temple in the coming one or two years, though it is an individual task financially. Incidentally we have not been asking any one for support; and it is a fact ; no one would voluntarily shoulder financial responsibilities. We do not know how to achieve this, but surely we are aiming for all betterment and better facilities in the temple during 2014/15. If someone wishes to come forward to support us, we do not hesitate to welcome them.

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